Wood play house

Im soft washing a house nex week and the customer called me today and asked me to power wash his wood play house (no pic) i saw it while i was their, my question is that the wood has no stain left on it just green mold and black streaks. Should i just power wash it with water or does anyone has a easier trick to remove all that grime. The customer is going to stain it him self. Thanks

I’m definitely no woodie but I would bleach it down good (Long Live the BDA!) and rinse with just enough pressure to remove the dead lignin.

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Downstream house wash and see where you stand after. Hit it with a cleaning mix of F-18 followed with F-8 if need be.

Hey Kevin. What should be my ratio of f 18 be. And how should I apply iy

[MENTION=8524]LAGRASTA[/MENTION] one two pound jar mixed in five gallons of water downstreamed.

Please don’t put bleach on raw wood. Use Sodium Per Carbonate and if you have some Hydroxide put a dash of that in. Wolman (was bought by Rustolium) makes a good Per-Carbonate wood cleaner if you can’t find the raw chems. Rather you go this way or take the easy way out by using bleach, you need to apply a brightener (oxalic acid) to lower the PH so the stain will adhere properly and last longer.

That’s some great info. I have a few decks to do this week. Was thinking of doing sodium hydroxide instead of hypo.
I want to make my own wood cleaner and brightener, could you post up or pm me your mixing measurements. :slight_smile:

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Some of the best wood restorstion in the industry use bleach on wood, Shane Brasseaux and
Jim Foley for example, Proper dilution and education how to use it are key to seperating the
Pros from the horror stories we all hear about in the industry!

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Not even going to get in this stupid arguement anymore. Do what you want.

I would soak it down good with water first. Let the wood get hydrated then hit it with the ds of hw mix. Let dwell for 5 min and rinse. Repeat as necessary. Ds some ox and get paid.

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That’s what I get using the method I explained. All from my jrod tip with ds nozzles.

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What was your oxalic mixture while down streaming? I’m wanting to expand

Britton Emerson
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I was thinking the same…

Don, great before and after pictures, good job. And you pre-wet the wood first, to keep your cleaners
where you want them.On the surface of the wood, not soaking in to the wood. Everett Abrams has a
great video on You Tube, Proper Exterior Wood Cleaning & " The Soft Washing Scam". Good work!:rolleyes:

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Thanks Bill, thats where I learned it from…the wizzard

A 1.5% sodium hypochlorite(bleach)/soap mix on unstained wood is not going to harm any exterior wood. What it will do is kill the mold/mildew prior to washing.