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Of course it doesn’t matter how many people you reach if you don’t have a compelling message and reason to call.

Do you want to spend a lot of time and money trying to figure out what kind of postcard will work for you and the headaches of trying to get a designer to make it for you? The Pressure Washing Resource Association postcards have been pre-tested and have done at least $100,000 in 10 weeks for Chris’ company All County in New Jersey. They are only available to PWRA members and are fully editable so they can be tailored to your needs and services.

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And we will have new designs added monthly so that you always have fresh content to choose from.
Like I said, all of the postcards we have so far has been pre-tested and have done at least $100,000 in 10 weeks for Chris’ company All County in New Jersey. I have been using them for two years now. I haven’t done anywhere near that because I have a small company in a small town but my response rate has gone up immensely since I stopped using the boring “Here is a picture of a house. We are a power washing company.” cards.

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Are those pre-tested mailers pressure washing specific? Or are you referring to the
“window cleaning” mailers that he has created with “power washing” specials?

I might be wrong but I doubt if there has been newly created power wash specific mailers
have done that well. I just would like to clarify for those who have not used any of the mailers

Please let us know what if these are new templates or Chris’ old “window cleaning” templates
that you are talking up…thanks!!

There are power washing, roof cleaning, and gutter cleaning cards as well as window cleaning cards that have been modified. I have been using the window cleaning cards for two years and just changing “window cleaning” to “power washing” and they have worked great. These have been modified already. Since you are a WCRA member you already have access to these and just need to modify them like I did.
There are also new marketing packs and mailers in design right now. Any new roof cleaning and pressure washing cards will be PWRA-specific.

For the life of me I can’t get the first post to display correctly.
The links are right when I hit ‘quote’ or ‘edit’ and even when I first post but when I refresh or come back it is screwy again.
Aaargh! :mad:

Thad how mainy different markets has those postcards been tested in like has it been one company tested or more then one comany tested and locations tested one or more locations through the states.

All over the country, Chris.
These have been used primarily for window cleaning but I and others have been having them edited to be used for power washing. These have all been edited and all you have to do is slap your logo and phone number on them and let 'em rip.

that is cool thad Show my wife all the postcards she like the price for all you get I am trying to get more information on them how did in diferent markets and that trying to be an smart buyer.

Yeah, for sure make certain that you are in a position to use all that is offered- the mailers, email templates, proposal packs, webinars, etc.