Wiring two electric hose reels together

I have two Hannay 1520-18-17 electric hose reels stacked. I wanted to know if I can run power from the battery to reel 1 selenoid to power that reel. Then jump from that selenoid to reel 2? If so how do I do that? Do I go positive from selenoid 1 to positive on selenoid 2 or do I go to straight to the button on reel 2? If so can I ground reel 2 to the trailer frame like reel 1? This will be in an enclosed trailer.

@racer ran his truck reels parallel

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See crappy diagram. Depending on where your battery is, if it’s grounded already, then all you need to do is below as long as your bottom reel bolted thru to the frame or somewhere it’s got a ground. Then all you need to do is run your power from first reel to next reel.

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Thanks @racer. How do can I jump from reel 1 to reel 2 without positive (power)? Do I go from selonoid to selenoid? Or from selenoid on reel 1 to power button on reel 2? I have 2 of those 40 amp fuses in the picture. Do I need both if I’m jumping from one reel to the 2nd reel?

See the pic above where connected. Just run your power to same place on 2nd reel. The 2nd red connection you see is running to the next reel. You can just keep daisy chaining them.

No just one will be fine. Now if I had another set on the other side of trailer would run another.


Thank you. That was what I was hoping.