how do you winterize your machine and do you still work in the winter?

I try to get all the water out of the hoses, if I feel like it I’ll drag stuff in my basement. I also run rv antifreeze through the machine. For the last month I’ve been running fuel stabilizer through them as well. I’ll also spray fogging oil too.

On frosty nights, we blow compressed air through everything.

For a series of forecast frosty nights without work scheduled in between, we blow them out and then run a bit of RV antifreeze through them.

We run fuel additive in every tank, every time we fuel up.

I do the same. Compressed air & Stabil.

We are basically getting everything inside this week… The cold has arrived…

God… don’t put it up. Come down here and help me. I still have more work than I can handle.

I never really winterize. On nights when it is supposed to drop below freezing, I blow the water out of everything with compressed air, but most of the winter it warms up enough to work during the day

We just got back in the middle of the night last night from doing the largest job for is to date and none of my machines are winterized. As bad luck would have it where getting clocked with a Nor’easter where so far there is 4" of snow on the ground and on my pumps. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that non of the pumps froze. If so it will be the first time in all my yrs Powerwashing that I froze a pump. Jeeze I hope not because this will be a $3000 disaster:(

I’m sure i can rig something up for compressed air bu how do you get the antifreeze through (i’m assuming that you mean propylene glycol and not ethyl glycol)