Winter time

What services do my you guys offer in the winter cause this is my first winter in the business and with holidays I don’t think ppl want to spend money on power washing any suggestions @thinktomuch your not allowed on this thread

Holiday lighting

I sell signs to people that install Holiday Lighting. :slight_smile: And go to Florida.


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We cover a lot of states and try to do the washing we can i to December. We average about 6k gutter cleanouts from December to end of January then back to washing in Feb. Gutters are town home units. Not individual houses

I’m in San Diego so Pressure Washing doesn’t slow down here too much during the winter time but my main business is Window cleaning and Dec-Feb tend to be pretty slow. I supplement it with Gutter cleaning, which actually tends to pay better than windows but I personally hate cleaning gutters. It’s very labor intensive and imho more dangerous. But it’s better than not working. If it snows in you area then snow removal (roofs, driveways, etc…) might be a good move. If you do end up with some down time, take advantage and develop some good marketing tools, then go round up some regular commercial accounts. That’s my bread and butter anyways. Even if it’s rains all month I can still count on a regular pay check.

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So roofs and when I have down time come up with almost like a re branding of my company like different services i can offer and different avenues to venture down

Yeah sure, whatever works really. Just think outside the box. Chances are you have skills that can be sold in other ways. If you have hot water you could look into restaurant hood cleaning. If you have a good vacuum (for reclaim) you could do some high dusting or pool/ pond draining. Restaurants also need their dumpster areas cleaned AT LEAST once a month. Most of my dumpster accounts are weekly/ bi-weekly.