Winter Anticipation

As the seasons are now changing, I’m approaching my first winter as a full time pressure washer. I live in South Georgia, so I’m assuming that I should be able to wash through the winter, but I’m just not sure. From you seasoned washers in the southern regions, what should I expect for winter? Is business going to come to a screeching halt? Should I stock pipe my earnings now to help me through? Any help or comments from the vets would be appreciated! Also, if anyone wouldn’t mind maybe a short phone call where I can ask questions, I’d love that too!

I can’t help you, I live in PA and we get winter here. I’ve worked outdoors in Southern Georgia and Northern Florida and I saw snow, but it only lasted until the sun was up. Low 30’s isn’t bad at all, and you probably don’t even need to winterize your rig if it goes into a garage. I winterized mine last Tue or Wed, it was about 28 overnight and snowed a little, now they are calling for mid 60’s at the end of the week. I don’t know what the canadians do with 3 months of warm weather a year :slight_smile: .

I worked around macon and valdosta before heading to florida. I also spent some of the most sandy days of my life in georgia where I was made into a sugar cookie every day.

We bust out the hockey sticks and start offering windshield scraping services


I like that. I’ve laced up skates before, but it was never a religion for me. I used to drive to canada way before they instituted all the border crossing nonsense just to buy my hockey gear. My friend and I would go up because, well, we were young and could drink there and the girls in Ontario province were friendly. I’m old now, so I barely skate anymore. I still like hitting things with my hockey sticks in my basement and driveway though.

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