Windy Days

What are your procedures when you have a really windy day if any? For example lets say it is a beautiful day otherwise but the winds are gusting, and/or blowing around changing direction etc.

Do you call it a day and reschedule to avoid getting SH on everything including plants? Or do you change your technique? Or do you change your mixture ratio so that it is not as strong and therefore less likely to damage things?

Or do you doing something else? Or do you do nothing just hammer down just like always?


I make sure the 3,5 and 8 foot wands all make it in the truck and get it done. Just cant shoot as far with my 4 gpm… :confused:

This time of year I am constantly checking the weather forecast. If i see that it’s supposed to be a windy day I’ll make sure to schedule flatwork. In cases where the winds start picking up and I’m doing a house wash I wait for the winds to die down then I’ll apply my sh. As soon as they pick up again I’ll stop. It’s really annoying. If the wind is blowing in one direction then just apply your sh in the same direction as the wind. Neutralize anything in the vicinity of where you were working just to be sure.

For Windy days we stay with 1-2 story residential or flatwork…longer wands and Guy’s shooter tips help a lot…have learned to postpone any 3 story washes, just too much wasted soap trying to apply to these areas…