Window washing. Softwash DI water rinse

Hey all. So through the softwash process I have been offering an upsell to do a window detail after. I have found that the hw mix does a great job of getting the windows pretty clean. Initially after the regular rinse I would do a second rinse on the windows with softwash systems final wash which is similar to powerwashstores agent halt. It’s an sh neutralizer that also has a light waxing agent in it. For windows is eliminates a good part of the streaking and works like rainx to have the water bead off of them. While they looked much better than not using it, it wasn’t perfect so my third step was to squeegee it by hand (on ladders if necessary) and keep a pale of thick clean microfiber rags to wipe as needed. This process worked but was time consuming. A few jobs ago I bought the ticker di which is a compact di filter and used that to rinse the windows after the regular rinse from the hw mix. This seemed to work pretty good but depending on how dirty the window was or how much streaking was left from the rinse of sh I found myself softwashing the windows again with sh mix and then doing the di rinse again.

Here’s my questions:

1.After a hw mix is there another soap I can downstream without sh on the windows to get them clean? One that a last rinse with di water will leave looking flawless?

  1. My plan is to buy a waterfed pole but do I really need it if there is an adequate solution to question 1?

A lot of windows are just going to be too dirty for a simple touch-free clean. The agitation and rinse from a wfp brush is the simplest, quickest, and most consistent way to get a 99% spot-free shine.

And you will go through a lot less DI resin only using it with the wfp.

If you’re really set on trying a two step process, you could get an acidic cleaner like M-37 from HydroChem. But I still think it would be simpler and faster in most situations to just use a wfp.


A wfp pole is the best solution. Light agitation, drip out, rinse.

Do you know your local TDS?

Contact me if you want to go with a wfp pole and I’ll hook you up. I do both WC and PW.
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