Window washing in the rain?

Powerwashing was always the perfect business for me to do when I had another Job. Rain most of the times was not an issue. This is just for Powerwashing. Wood restoration where staining is involved is a whole other story.

How about guys who do windows where there may be no Powerwashing requested? Can you do them in the rain or does your customer rather you reschedule??

John we work through the rain everyday cleaning glass. The last day we took off for rain was the hurricane in back in September…

I have a few customers who insist on rescheduling in the rain. It becomes difficult the busier I get. I work in the rain until its not safe. I stay off roofs in the rain.

That all makes sense. Safety has to come first. That one fall is not worth it… As far as roofs go the best time to clean them is when it’s raining… Not pouring but a light rain. Helps keep everything wet… Actually we like to power wash in the rain as well. Here it rained every day 2 weeks ago from M-Th and it was perfect. We did a condo complex and the amount of sodium hypochlorite in our house mixture made this job go as smooth as can be… Except the one small camera that filled with water-- that cost us $280…and it was borderline if it wad our fault but this PM company pays 50% up front and 50% no more the a week after completion—not about to mess with that relationship;)