Window Cleaning Brushes

Hey guys, who here does window cleaning? I would say for roughly 80-90% of our work I always upsell window cleaning! Now this is completely an add-on service, so I am no expert by any means. I have the complete Tucker set up currently - however, am looking to upgrade our brushes. What would you recommend? We do 75% residential 25% commercial. I don’t mind purchasing several brushes if necessary.

I’m currently running the Tucker Alpha hybrid. Like the brushes but the boars hair has really worn down and become matted in 3 months of use. Are you using the same brush? If so have you noticed the same issue?

@TDclean I believe we used those 3-4 years ago. I try and switch it up every season. I found that the boars hair brushes weren’t that good at getting into the corners. They did a fantastic job everywhere else, but I had a few complaints, which resulted in me not using them. They never got to that shape I guess haha.

Tucker Nylon is a good all purpose brush, they hold up real well. They get in the corners good too, stiffer than boars hair. If you have real dirty windows, boars hair brush is better for that, more aggressive. Windows shouldn’t be as bad after you house wash, so Nylon brush to me is a great everyday brush to go with. Anyways…


Call me or PM me, I’m a sales rep for PWRA/WCRA.

I’ll get you set up with what you need.

862 312 2633

I’m jealous of you guys that can use WFP and brushes. Been ‘nose to glass’ for 23 years.

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Once you master the WFP it’s the way to go… I WFP everything! No drips or spots… and since I don’t do any post construction I really have no need for Nose to glass

This is the brush I use, It’s done it all for me… No reason to change it

I can’t, brushes won’t get this stuff off. I blow through Triumph razor blades pretty quick.

Man, Sorry to hear!! Maybe it’s time to leave windows behind and just pressure wash :grin::+1:t3:

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We have a guy here locally that did just that. Totally gave up WC and now has a heck of a PW rig.

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I’ve tried many Wfp brushes and a tucker brush is the way to go

I want a 18 inch tucker alpha boars hair brush but I cant bring myself to drop 300 on a brush head. I wana y it off and run 4 jets and the rinse bar. Anyone doing that?

Tucker Alpha boars hair is the best brush I’ve used for residential. I’ve tried nylon and the hybrid. I will say that the 18 in Tucker Alpha hybrid works amazing on solar panels.


You can but are you running a 3 stage system? Pressure becomes an issue sometimes.

I made a pump system with a 2.2 gpm pump and motor control that feeds off a pure water tank. Is that considered a 3 stage system? I’m unfamiliar with the term. Still a window newb!

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That should give you adequate flow for an 18” rinse bar, depending on what hose you’re using. I think Jordie was referring to the type of filtration system your using, which becomes a moot point if you’re pumping from a tank of already purified water.

3 stage would be: carbon pre-filter, RO, and DI. (I believe a 4 stage system adds a sediment pre-filter. And 5 stage utilizes either two RO’s or two DI’s (I forget which))

I am running a 2.2 pump on my system. It has plenty of pressure to run 4 pencil jets and a rinse bar but flow is the issue. You have to run as big a hose as possible for as long as possible to get enough flow to run all those jets. I run 3/8 ID for 200 feet and step down to 3/16 ID for the last 50 feet, even that struggles a little to run everything together. It would do better with 1/4 id for 50 feet and then step down for the last 20’ to 3/16.

I haven’t messed with it too much because normally I run either the bar or the jets and I get tons of flow.

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You could run 1/4 id all the way and just split before the jets, but that gets heavy

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Ahh yes I have a 3 stage then.

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I run the exact same except 250 ft of 3/8. I figure superflow will compensate for lack of technique, although I’m starting to get a grip on pole work. Both watered and trad. Plus I’m betting it would make hydrophobic windows alot easier.