Window cleaner asked to do pressure washing


hi we’ve been asked to pressure wash a customer’s back patio and pergola, where do I need to look to find out local regulations I live in Northern California.


To start.

Also town hall of town you’ll be working in.


Get ready for a LONGGGG list of regulations in CA. Lol.

Also, it’s pretty widely known that I loooove when folks have proper insurance. May want to check the limitations of yours. For example, mine excludes any fleet or vehicle washing and it’s underwritten by Nationwide. I would assume they know what they’re doing.

I would imagine if you’re exclusively a window cleaner there isn’t any coverage for pressure washing.


Looks like you should have left already. Just sayin’!


thank you but do you have an idea about which department might cover this?


Sewer/NPDES permits would be Sewer Department or DPW.
Regulations - Dept of Agriculture or Environmental Dept. Also look for some kind of State Washwater Handbook or Stormwater handbook. They don’t make it easy to find.

Also, search “California stormwater/wastewater bmp” (Best Management Practices)


thank you


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