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Did a hardiplank siding house and gutters and vynil soffit with Windex Outdoor. Was just testing, it was a blue house with hardiplank and white trim. Worked GREAT including the windows. I had heard horror stories of SH and blue hardiplank. Is there a go-to product in bulk without bleach that provides good cleaning for such houses? KrudCutter? Any commercial stuff in bulk? Most of the “house washes” are bleach based.

Only one other liquid I can think of but are going to need a lot of goats


Be professional and use correct chems for the job

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Someone texted me the other day asking about sherwin Williams paint and house washing. Blue sherwin Williams paint hates bleach… but it’s only specific lot numbers as far as I understand it.

At the beginning of the week I put a couple ounces of SH and a drop of Elemonator in a couple zep bottles. The mix is a little stronger than what we’re getting from the injector. These are test bottles. They get used for test spots all the time.

Test spots will answer your questions 99% of the time.

When you start trying new stuff you throw off your process when you should be finishing a job to get to the next. I’m certain HW mix is less expensive than windex outdoor cleaner. And if house mix doesn’t react right away we’re fairly confident it’s safe over the long run.

Test spots keep the process fluid. And you can show the homeowner if it reacts and up charge for a method that’s going to take longer and is atypical.


It is sherman williams paint on hardiplank. I am being cautious, not unprofessional.

Lol. Ok…

What are the correct chems for blue sherwin williams paint on hardiplank siding? I was asking here on a professional forum. I thought it the best place/forum to ask the question. Many threads exist advising against using SH on this exact combo of siding and paint/color combination. LOL is not a helpful response I was looking for.

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On a house like that my mix would be 2.5% SH (before the DS injector), water and Elmonater. No issues, so far.

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Yes you have to be careful. I had a Hardi plank blue house last season that I did a test spot and I am glad I did. Streaked the paint pretty bad. I usually use a .8 % sh hitting the siding. I got it down to .5 and it did not affect the paint. Took 3 applications of soaping because how weak the mix was. Similar to what @Steve said. Weaken your mix and apply multiple times if needed.

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Never tried it my self but ive heard of people using simple green.

My employee had paint come off painted cedar shakes last year on a test spot with SH and Elemonator. I won’t do any painted cedar now. Fortunately I don’t get a lot of calls for cedar house during the season.

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I had thought Hardiplank siding was not painted and the color ran through the product, like vinyl, NOT!. Not true. Hardiplank IS painted at the factory. It’s supposed to last 25 years, but, it is still a painted siding. And it can oxidize, fade, streak and bleach just like any other painted siding.
Will have to re-think my business model as Hardiplank is a requirement at many HOAs as I am at the beach (east coast)

Anything that you like from a box store (Home Depot, Walmart, Lowes…etc.) will be available from the manufacturer in 5 gallon pails, you just have to call them.