Willing to pay!

Hello everyone! I am willing to pay someone to create me a file (pdf,slideshow) that regards similiar to the following step by step guide so I can study & share to have new hire employees study.

  • How to surface clean concrete (step by step… what if there’s oil, removing gum, yellow stains, chemicals to use…etc)
  • How to clean exterior building surfaces (stucco, wood, aluminum, vinyl, etc…) what chemicals to use for each?
  • Roof cleaning… Gas Stations

Basically a step by step training guide I can keep in a binder and store in every truck so my guys Can reference to it in the field!

-Thanks In Advance

Go to https://pressurewashingresource.com print out stuff you think Is useful and three hole punch it. Scan it into pdf’s then laminate it cause it might get wet.

Send three Franklin’s my way :grin:


If I remember correctly there is a “Pressure Washing University” and if you buy their material i’m sure you could print it out and three ring binder it. I remember it being a little basic but if a guy is just starting out im sure it could help.

that is an odd request to say the least
everyone’s process, though similar, is different.
It is your business, do a SOP that fits your needs and what your employees to follow.
if not go to one of those universities, and see what works for you.
some chemicals have a manual that is over $150
Seems to me that what you are asking is about $15 a page and will be pricey.

You just have 2h reading time on this site…… more homework and research is necessary.


I want to reply in the nicest way possible.the good in me says to be as polite as one can be.My mom rest her soul taught me if you don’t have nothing good to say don’t say nothing.I learned a great deal in highschool enough to graduate.I’ve had jobs that trained me on their policy and rules I had to follow.all the knowledge I pass on is from learned behavior…how can you teach someone something you yourself don’t know.read learn gain experience from your endeavors.share that information with your employees once you are skilled in the business.other wise it will be like the blind leading the blind and you will pay in more ways than you would ever want to pay.hope this was nice enough and it help a little…have a good day. Oh and please stay and read a lil while longer.one day you will be able to write that script yourself and you will feel so much better about it.


It us all about communication and relationship.

I have a client,on my other business, th.g.h at took them 3 months to catch up, cause they are used to paying once a month, but the services we provide are on weekly basis.
AP got to get it approved by CFO then it got involved, to set it up… so much for technology.

It boils down to this:
Do you want to keep the client, yes or no?
I did, and now is fixed

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Pressure washing, also known as power washing, involves using a high-velocity water spray to clean dirt and residue from the exterior of a house. This type of cleaning is a particularly important preparatory step before painting or re-painting your house. A clean surface allows new paint to last longer. You can use pressure-washing equipment on most types of housing material once you learn how to pressure wash a house.


Choose a pressure washer that is best for the job. Different housing materials can withstand various water pressures. The size, or spray power, ranges from 1,200 to 3,000 pounds per square inch (psi).
Softer housing materials, such as painted soft-grain wood and aluminum, require a 1,200 to 1,500 psi model to prevent pressure damage. You may need a wide spray nozzle to disperse water pressure for even more vulnerable materials, like stucco.
Stronger non-painted surfaces, such as vinyl, clean better with a more powerful 2,500 to 3,000 psi model. These models work the fastest.
Select a pressure washer that has a detergent dispenser if you plan to use a cleaning solution.

Protect you house’s exterior fixtures, like lights, landscaping shrubs and plants, from harmful water pressure. Cover with drop cloths or plastic covering and secure with duct tape.

Manually scrub any visible mildew from the surface you are power washing with a brush.

Mix the cleaning solution and fill the pressure washer’s detergent dispenser. Combine approximately 1 pound (.455 kilograms) of a non-phosphate concentrated cleaner for every 4 gallons (15.4 liters) of washing water.

Connect a garden hose hooked to your water supply to the pressure washer. When you are ready, turn on the water.

Test how to pressure wash a house by holding the pressure washer nozzle with both hands about 3 feet (121.92 centimeters) from the wall. Move it in closer until you feel the spray is strong enough to remove dirt but not strong enough to cause damage.

Start at the top of the house and move down. Spray roof overhangs, under-hangs and gutters at an approximate 45-degree angle. Move the spray steadily from side to side.

Rinse from the top down with plain water from a garden hose. Allow house siding to dry at least 2 days before painting.


i expect to be paid by this friday. Ill PM you my paypal info

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3 feet is not 121.92 cm

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Blame wikihow lol.

Why would you want someone else to make you a S.O.P. of the way they do things?

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I think maybe its not for your “guys” but maybe for you.

@Grizz you have a sense of humor …LOL

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:joy::joy::joy: im just bored. Kids or watching cartoons and wife is busy cooking.


I also read the 3 threads cityblast created. He wants the SOP so he doesnt have to dig, but hey he is offering to pay.

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Asking for a friend! :grin:


I’m trying to imagine how to wash from still images in a binder. Should I be cut loose to work if I need a picture to do the job? I think not

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Hmmm i piece of gum let me refer to the gum section of my binder.:joy::joy::joy:


I need to quit posting on here. Im ruining threads lol

That’s the part you had an issue with… :joy: