Will Soft-Wash Work On this Building?

What do you think? SW it from the ground? The north side is almost black!

Is it concrete?

Yes it is!

Should soft wash really nicely. Just make sure you rinse the glass in between those slots really well.

That mix rate would you use for this? I would think a little more sauce than HW MIX

I used 6% on the mega church I posted and it worked beautifully. Probably could’ve used 4% with no difference in results just taken more time.

I looked the post up. Why didn’t you like the xjet for that job? This building is HUGE. May need to privatie message some numbers?

Way too much to wash with x-jets. That’s 6 hoses instead of 3, constantly filling buckets. Sounds like a nightmare. I sprayed 6% on it and another guy on the ground was rinsing almost immediately while another guy fussed with hoses.

Also, it’s tough to get strong enough mix with any x-jet.

Not many direct app sprayers going to be able to get that high, especially if even a hint of breeze. Maybe a booster pump, but that’s a pretty big investment. Unless you can get on roof and spray down on part of it, I’d probably be renting a lift.

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Just put an A frame ladder in some Little red wagons and stack phone books on top. You’ll be fine.


You forgetting that I am the safety guy at this “location” lol

How much is a booster pump?

Only about 850, but by the time you get all the goodies to make it really work probably $1500 ish. And you’d need a Proportioner type valve setup unless you wanted a large mix tank.

I don’t think it would be hard to justify that purchase on a job like that! How high can I get with one?

A 1hp will get 55 no problem

I have wondered about the adapter that you can put on the end of a WFP for something like this. Seems more popular in other parts of the world. There is also a video of of the soft wash systems adapter being used on a roof. Looks like it could help on the side where a lift can’t get. Might even be able to pay for the WFP pole and di with cost savings of a lift and up selling window cleaning.

On a building like this . Is it same process do you start at bottom and go up of first floor then rinse then go to next floor? @SchertzServicesLLC @squidskc @Racer

I got a top to bottom on everything but paint.

So you do top floor and work down wash n rinse one floor at a time?

No I go top to bottom and maybe a 15 foot or 20 foot span depending on how high the building is. I may go 50 feet if it’s cloudy and cool out.