Will my sludge pump push water 100’?

Will my sludge sucker push water about 100’ with my 8gpm? It’s got about 15’ if 1.5” rigid hose. If I add 100’ lay flat hose, will it be able to push the water that distance?

Downhill I’m sure it would because the water would pull itself down the 100 ft but the pressure tip inside the sludge sucker is a 0010 or 0020 for a 8 gpm and on a trigger gun that would only spray 40 ft in the air, I don’t think it would push 100 ft of water uphill and all the way out. What would more likely happen in that situation is I would shoot through the tube then once the pressure was gone it would just collect and buildup until it started to spillover at the end of 100 ft but, you’d still have the water in the hose to deal with after you cut the water supply to the slide sucker.

Does anyone have specific experience with pushing water long distance with a sludge sucker?

Could you pump it into a tank on your trailer/truck and drive it away to dump? Or get two barrels and pump from one to the other, move the barrel, pump it again etc

I believe that would require a hazmat license.

Won’t take you 10min to test it. I’ve got a 25’ piece extra on mine and I just use my 4 on it and comes out of it strong, but has always been relatively flat setting.

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