Will House Washing Ever Be Automated


Does anyone feel that house washing will be automated in the future? Can the job even be automated? If it does become automated, how would it become automated? What would you do if it was automated?

I know it does not seem likely, but is this a possibility?


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I’ve been on youtube a bit much lately. Freaked myself out with their videos of the “You wont believe what happens in the next 50 years!” Videos.


I imagine it being like a sprinkler system, set on a timer, soap and rinse. Maybe a tech inspects the house/shrubbery once a year, tweaks according to growth/need. Everything is monitored online.

What makes it tough is the unpredictable mud dobber/wasps nests, random locations and takes more effort to clean off

So i don’t see it being too likely, unless there’s an insect repellent sprayed onto the house as well, that doesn’t get the widows dirty


Good points. The only issue I see with the sprinkler type setup would be the vegetation getting burnt. This could in theory be easily avoided. My thoughts would be that window washers would have the most to worry about.


if the soap strength is good enough and the rinsing is real thorough, then there wouldn’t be a problem. I think the WFP would be the best way to do windows, but that would require a man at every house, maybe all home maintenance techs will unite and be trained to do everything, so if electrical work needs to be done at the same time the windows need to be done then the tech would handle them both? UHTA, united home techs association? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like a great plan. We could have the maintenance techs run and set up the electrical for the windows and even test it at the same time. If there is a leaky faucet, why not send them on that job as well.


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It is automated
Give us a call and we automatically come clean it.


When in the hell is laundry going to be automated!


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I thought about this a while ago, i dont see washing getting to automated, i see siding and paints becoming more resistant to organic growth.
One thing i noticed in my area is a lot more green buildings and apartments. This would hide any growth longer and therefore save the companies money by not washing as much.

Just my .02


House washing will be automated when robots are the ones doing the washing.


Kiss your window cleaning jobs goodbye!


If real, looking to purchase!


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