Will F-18 Clean New Oil Stains On This Concrete Driveway?

A service manager for a local dealership called and asked if I could clean the oil off of this driveway. Someone accidently spilled the oil in the customer’s driveway while perfoming maintenance on the car. This occured four days ago. My question is can I clean this with a cold water machine using F-18 from Pressure Tek? Thanks in advance for the response.

I have read mixed reviews from multiple forums and threads as to whether or not this can be cleaned. I understand that I can’t make any guarantees to the customer that it will come completely clean.


The oil pan on my truck rusted out on a customers concrete driveway. I used a combination of acetone and grinding kitty litter into it with the heel of my boot. It came out great. Based on my research, do it ASAP. The longer it’s there, the harder it is to get out.

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EBC maybe?