Will Any Degreaser do?

We got a large shopping area sidewalk cleaning with heavy foot traffic around the entrances wanting pressure washing next week. It looks like they haven’t been cleaned in some time. From reading up on the forum, it sounds like a degreaser will be needed to our normal mix to cut through the tough stains. Which degreaser do we go with?

EBC will make this job go fast!

Brian, can you expound on that? Where can I get it? Thanks.

EnviroBioCleaner (EBC) 5 Gallon Pale

Depending how bad the build up on the concrete start with at 10% mix and move up the concentration until you have good results. I always apply chem. heavy to the bad areas wait 10 minutes and reapply right before I run the surface cleaner over it.

The biggest help to this is heat. You can clean it to some degree with a cold but DEFINITELY the heat will get it clean.

Thanks Jeremy. We’ve got hot water, just never put down a degreaser before. Do we put it in our normal mix ( 2g SH, 3g H20, 8oz. fresh wash) or is it need to go down separate, by itself first?

I’d honestly start with something from the box store like Home Depot p, see what you like, the call Russ or Paul and get something with a little more kick. I’m still waiting to up find something that I fall in love with. Using a local butle based caustic and something very similar to WBC called “grease bite”, also local

Thanks Dave. I put in an order for EBC which Brian recommended, but I will also buy one of the cleaners HD sells to see if I notice a difference.

In all honesty, nothing at the box stores are worth getting. Get you some purple power or something like that from autozone or advance and add a little bit of caustic soda beads. You can even mix caustic with some cling on or roof snot and it will work too.

Jeremy, can you tell me more about the caustic soda beads? Can’t say I’ve ever heard of that or what it does :o

You will need to get it though a local chemical distributor. It’s sodium hydroxide. It needs to be handled properly and the right safety precautions taken, but it’s good stuff. Watch this video…

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Will do. Thanks Jeremy.

+1 If you are doing a lot of commercial concrete work, you absolutely need some heat.

edit: after reading past the quoted comment I see you have heat so this comment is for other newbies that are think8ng otherwise

Nice video!

Love Michael’s videos.

Caustic and some surfactant is the way to go. My mix is less than a dollar/gallon for Pre-down streamed strength solution. That is the key. I stay away from watered down chems that have to be applied via pump up sprayers. If it is too weak to down-stream, then it is too watered down. Don’t pay for water.

Anyone have an MSDS sheet for EBC?