Will an xjet ruin pressure washer?

So I have a dewalt 3600 psi 2.5 gpm machine and just got an xjet for it. Connecting the xjet straight to the gun, would I be ruining the pressure washer since the xjet is just spraying chemicals out from the bucket the hose is in, and not running water through the machine? Will it burn out the engine? Or does the xjet mix the chemicals with water from the machine?

As long as you occasionally spray 3 short bursts of brake cleaner they the xjet you will not burn up the engine

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That’s it? I almost use a whole can before and after each time I use the thing…

You are wasting spray. 3 sprays, that’s it.

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Can I get a serious answer lol

Can we get a serious question lol… do you know how a pressure washer works ?

Serious answer, water flows from the machine, through the hose to the gun, then the xjet siphons solution out of the bucket into the water stream.

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Ok thank you. How much water to chemical does the xjet siphon?

When you receive the product, it will come with instructions and dilution ratios.

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Not running that washer non stop will burn up your pump. Water is what cools it and you being on the trigger is what pulls it through the pump.

Can we get another server roll back in here?

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My jaw hurts now

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Yes it came with multiple different colored pieces which I have heard not to use as they can have a calcium build up which ruins the ratios. I don’t have any of those in, and am mixing the chemicals myself and want to know what is actually being sprayed on the concrete, say if I have a 10 percent mix of sh what is hitting the concrete

Use the colored proportioners. Just take it out and clean it every couple months. You will be fine. If the color your using is a 10:1 then that’s your water to chemical ratio. If you use 10% sh with a 10:1 ratio… that’s 1% strength hitting the surface.

Look. I’m not sure where you’re getting your information from, but whoever told you not to use the proportioners is a bad source. You should probably write them off as knowing nothing about pressure washing. X-jets are literally designed to dilute chemicals to the exact percentages for your needs based on proportioner size.

Do some reading and you’ll figure it out.

I was using the tan proportioner with my 4/4 machine, worked well for general housewashes.

Please give me a call 321-610-4270, just tell me it’s about your x-jet. I’m Jeff.



Hey @Innocentbystander , do you remember this ? Lol

I yelled for the FF to bring me foam on a truck fire once and he brought me the 5 gallon pail we kept oil dry in. It didn’t suck it up very well.

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