Why won't Simple Green work as a bleach alternative?

Like other newbie’s on here I was interested in finding a bleach alternative to avoid danger to pets, plants, etc. From everything I’ve read on here there seems to be skepticism around any SH alternative put forth, and the consensus seems to be that SH is best for the job. In trying to learn more about these chemicals, my question is why alternatives like simple green won’t work? The product claims to be anti-fungal and capable of killing mold/mildew as it is peroxide based. Is this false advertising? Is the solution not potent enough to be effective in most applications? Or just too pricy at the necessary concentration to be practical? Thanks for any wisdom.

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Best thing to do is use the search bar for any basic questions as there is a galaxy of posts on subjects like this.


I couldn’t tell you the specific reason, but I do know that if a boatload of highly experienced contractors say it, there is a solid reason. I don’t think they all want to do something in the least efficient way possible, nor do I think they are all secretly buying up all the Simple Green and laughing at those of us still buying SH. I used to want to understand every single “why” behind everything, as I get older I tend to defer to the experts, and move on… saves a bunch of time.

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Simple green is a mild degreaser and has no effect on mold

Try it and show us the before and after!

Are you talking about this stuff?
simple green

That stuff is made from - Water, Ethoxylated Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Surfactant Blend, Citric Acid

I wouldn’t use it, it is 24 a gallon, which would raise my estimates a lot.

If you are talking about a lot of the other simple green products, some say specifically that they don’t remove mold or mildew. Their house and siding cleaner says to pre and post wet plants, keep animals away from work site, don’t apply to oxidized surfaces. So, I don’t know where you got that it is friendlier.