Why isn't there any discussion about 4 arm surface cleaners?

With regard to surface cleaners, I’ve seen discussion about what degree tips to use, and whether or not you should use 1 or 2 tips per arm (on a 2 arm unit). What I haven’t seen discussed is 4 arm surface cleaners. Why is that? I’m guessing they’re designed for higher flow machines, maybe 8 GPM and higher?

Let’s say you have a 8 GPM PW. All else being equal, would there be a difference between using a 2 arm surface cleaner with 2 tips per arm and a 4 arm surface cleaner with 1 tip per arm?

Two swivels to fail or four swivels to fail. Two hoses to fail or four hoses to fail. Four nozzles to clog or eight nozzles to clog. Two bars to bend or four bars to bend. Why add unnecessary moving parts when what’s on the market works excellent?


I honestly didn’t understand anything about your reply. 3 & 4 arm spray bars are already on the market. Why would there be more than 1 swivel and 1 hose regardless of which surface cleaner you’re using? A bent spray arm and I assume you’re buying a new one whether it’s a 2 or 4 arm, so yeah, a 4 arm costs more.

The question was about 2 x 2 or 4 x 1, so 4 nozzles in each scenario. 2 arms with 2 nozzles next to each other vs. 4 arms with 1 nozzle each, positioned at the end of the arm. The question was inspired by the comment that you don’t sharpen a lawn mower blade to the the center, just the outer 1/3 of it.

I tell ya what - I withdraw my question. There aren’t very many 4 arm surface cleaners out there, so let’s not even bother discussing it.

I’m asking a mod to remove the topic

I’m lost as well. I’ve never seen a surface cleaner with 3 or 4 arms. There are a handful of manufacturers that offer a two arm model. They’re usually 36" or bigger. There are also models in that size range with only two arms.

I just realized that we’re calling them arms and not bars. I think we’ve lost something in translation here. There are tons of models with 4 TIPS on a single bar (arm), models with two bars (arms) with a single tip at either end of each bar, and there may be models with two or more bars with two or more tips at either end of each bar. I have not seen those.

The 3 and 4 arm cleaners tend to break bars more easily and it is a pain to get the nozzle lined up perfectly so it spins correctly. They usually come with a jig to line the nozzles with

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Do you know of a model in particular that has 4 arms? I’d like to look one up. I know Rick had one a while back that had three arms on a single swivel. That’s not what I was envisioning when I responded initially.

the old Landa jets used them and I think steel eagle has a model that uses 4 bars

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I don’t see any reason to delete. It’s an interesting topic. Personally I’d like to know more.

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Very interesting! So that one has another tip in the center as well if I’m seeing that right?


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Some of the upper end NT have as does mosmatic. They clean great. Guys that have the old Landa jets that William referenced love them, though I didn’t know they had the 4 arms, but they clean like crazy, just bulky and heavy.

I can’t help but think a horizontal rotating bar like a snowblower would clean more evenly.

I’ve always wondered what the 1/8" nozzles were for…lol

Sounds like a fun winter project. Let us know how it works. :grinning:

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