Why is this log cabin fuzzy?

Washing a log cabin today. Prepping for stain. Used F18 Max (sodium hydroxide) 6-8 oz/gallon of water via pump sprayer. Previous stain came right of and the wood looks much better, but for some reason it’s covered in this fuzz. It doesn’t look like furring, and I didn’t use very high pressure when I rinsed it. What do I do to get rid of this? Will it simply need sanding prior to staining? I am not the one staining by the way.

wood can fur, osborn brush will take care of it. Need a variable speed grinder and the brushes aren’t cheap.

Hit up the cabin king :grinning: @SurfaceTherapy or @MDA1775 the texas stain master

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Osborn brush Abrams uses them, wizard of wood.

I’ll leave that to the staining guy. No time for that. Lol


These are osborn brushes.

That is a lot of fuzz, either too long dwell time or mix was pretty hot.

On another note, did you acid wash that after? Wood looks pretty dark in the photos.

Would a hot sodium hydroxide mix do that? I know Sodium hypo would, but I didn’t use that here.

Most definitely

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Interesting. I am going back to finish the job tomorrow, I’ll see if I can test a cooler mix elsewhere. The wood seemed pretty old. I believe this fuzz is everywhere, even places I used no chemicals at all.

Looks like too hot a mix. that exactly what wood looks like when it is. Always do a test spot. It’s not an exact science and measurements are usually just guidelines. Just for your info - Hydroxide is a higher PH than SH.


Thanks, good to know. I doubt I’ll do another one of these. I actually turned this job down and told the customer I’m not educated or experienced in stain stripping, and he insisted I do the job anyway because of my reoutation and equipment. Made it very clear that there was no guarantee as to the results.

And now you know what you can say the next time someone pressures you: “I’ve built my reputation by sticking to what I’m familiar with, and proficient in.”


@SurfaceTherapy what would be a good stain for a cabin like this?

I am currently on my second cabin of the year. Both have got Wood Defender 200 series.

I used Permachink and Timber Pro in the past, but feel that is a disservice to customer.

This one is now buffed and stained. Just have the deck left.


Now THAT’S a log cabin! That thing is huge!!!


Back at this cabin today. Looks like the mix contributed, but was not entirely responsible for the fuzzing. Every part of the cabin is fuzzy, even those areas that I used no chemicals at all on. Customer isn’t worried about it, says he doesn’t mind the fuzz but he’ll leave it up to the painters to decide what they want to do about it.

Questions I hear daily…

  1. Do you do sealing? No
    2.Do you do staining? No
    3.Do you do poly sanding? No

You probably get where Im going with this.

You can only master so much. Dont turn into a handy man (nothing against them).


Absolutely. I don’t want to be Jack, I want to be the master.

Jack of all trades, master of none

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I can’t imagine going over every square inch with an Osborn brush. How long does that process take you typically? Kudos for becoming a pro at something most of us would turn down in a heartbeat.


That one was 77 man hours to osborn brush.

Thank you sir. I niched down to mostly wood staining and restoration. Hard work for sure but I don’t mind it most days.

It is true, stick to one thing, be known for that and there is more opportunities than trying to do a bunch of different things.