Who's your favorite supplier for shirts?

I’m looking to jump on the polyester wagon & order some shirts. Who do you guys like to use ?




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Fin Print at www.fin-print.com

Longs embroidery. Tell Rick I told you to call he will take care of you

Queensboro is good. Only complaint is the white polo is definitely see through.

Queensboro is great.

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Walmart :joy:


I like the way chris thinks lol.

I paid 9.00 each what do you guys pay. Single color

I use a local guy. $20 per shirt screen printed front/back 100% polyester gildan. Feels like cotton.

I paid $192 for 5 shirts and 5 hats. I got the high end shirts and hats just because im picky about what i wear. They have way cheaper options and great customer service.

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I also bought 5 pairs of swiss tek pants from walmart they are like 98% poly and 2% nylon or something close to that. I got them on clearance for $11 each. They have held up well to bleach but they look alittle werid on me and i cant find a 34 × 36 only 34 × 34 so they are alittle short.

The shirts have held up well other than one shirt. I leaned of the trailer to grab something right over the muffler and melted a 3 inch hole right through it.

See, now I bought those Swiss Tech shirts and while they do look decent and shrug off SH, they have ZERO airflow and feel like wearing a plastic bag. Every shirt I buy now I test them by blowing through the fabric. You’d be surprised what lets air through and what doesn’t.

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FinPrint for shirts. Queensboro for hats.