Whole house wash brick cleaning PLEASE HELP!

hey guys I am not new to this forum I have been using this forum now for over 6 months and it has been great for my business. Straight to the point I need help with brick cleaning maybe if there is an easier or more efficient way to clean it if I am not using the most efficient way that is. I just cleaned a house recently and have also b4 cleaned a house where they have a brick walkway and stairs came out great but I had to spray the bricks 3 times. I am using elemonator and sh at 35% sh and 65% water in the mix using an orfice size 30 to apply more soap(instead of 40 specifically because 30 uses more chemical). I know eaco makes great products for cleaning brick but how do you use them on houses that are high. please help uploaded below are pics of the brick I clean

What’s the problem? For just heavy mold and mildew build up on brick, housewash applied direct should do it. Up the percentage of SH as needed.

sorry for taking so long to respond back I did not get a notification to my email that there was a response. but there is no real problem other than taking a little longer and a little more work for a brick homes. I will try to go a little strong when working brick homes. should I charge more for brick homes?

Hit it with your wand and a open tip. It will clean up nicely. No special chems needed