Who usually calls?

Who decides that your services are needed and calls- the husband or the wife?
Almost all of the time it’s the wife for me and a good portion of the time that the husband does call it’s because she told him to.

Same here. 90% of the time it’s the wife.

Its weird we get mostly men that call for house washes… The women seem to call for other services like windows / roofs.

We get about 70% men calling. Some with women in the background telling them what to ask.

men for powerwash, woman for windows

Combination of 90% wife or girlfriend or just a female alone. My wife takes all the calls now and some of my Lesbian married couple(legal here now) customers love talking to my wife… I kind of miss talking to some of my customers but now it’s all business and no time to shoot the shiz with them anymore… Well unless they email or text… Especially text cause there short and to the point…

Yep, same here… Is the wives who are calling the majority of the time… So, in Kevin Dubrosky’s mind, since we all seem to be getting calls from the women, seems to be our target market that we could try some specific marketing toward huh?

Ours are usually business professionals and probably more men then women.

Even the property management companies we deal with I would say it’s probably around 75% female. The only male dominated calls we deal with are 100% male for parking garages and 75% male for building washes. Residential the females dominate because there husbands either can’t or won’t do this type of work and they rarely call unless there 45-50 and older then they’ll call 20-30% of the time.