Who does holiday lighting?

Who does it?
Who wants to?

I have seriously considered it. Just not sure if it would be worth it. Kind of a short window to do it but it could fill the couple of slow months we have.

[SIZE=3][COLOR=#000000][FONT=Arial][SIZE=1]Good[SIZE=1] question[/SIZE], but the funny thing is we are usually too busy cleaning people’s homes in November and December. They tell us they didn’t want to put their decorations up on a dirty house… which is fine with me…. [/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

As I’m gathering research and interviews for the article I’m writing I’m absolutely amazed at how profitable it is.

We do it some, this year we are actually pushing it so I am hoping to grow it quite a bit this year. I offer it 2 different ways, one is labor only, we will install and take down whatever they got, I have learned that when doing this it is important to stop by and look at what they got before hand and then i will give them a little list of additional items I want to use for the install.
The other way is we sell it as a service, meaning that we still own all of the lights and equipment that we use on their house. This way I don’t have to collect sales tax on selling the product (service isn’t taxable in Missouri). After the first year the product is paid for and then its all profit, so far been pretty good.

There is a absolute TON of information about the holiday lighting on lawnsite.