White Vinyl fence

I’m assuming it can be soft washed like vinyl siding but just checking. Typical heavy algae coating.

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Yes it can.

Normal housewash will clean it . 50/50 will clean it first coat. We clean sometimes miles of it . We just drive and spray. Comes clean every time. Even the growth will fall off.

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Miles?? Good Lord. I thought 100’ was a lot. Do I need to wet the grass first?

Most communities around here have white vinyl fence around the whole thing. Because it’s white it gets nasty pretty quick . Super easy to clean

In my opinion, easiest thing out there to clean.


I don’t wet the grass first. But Your vegetation may be more sensitive

I’ve had miles of it that can be downstreamed and come right off and once where even at 3% we had to brush it to remove algae (turned brown but wouldn’t come off without agitation.

Big job go take a pump up and do a test section

Blows my mind every time I go to Florida ( 2-3 times a year ) and y’all park on your grass and it doesn’t kill it.

I had the same thing happen when i first started doing larger lengths. Turns brown and yellow. Went back the next day to treat it again and it was all gone looked great

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And the couches on the front porch never seem to get wet.

Will 50/50 SH work with a 2gl hand pump?

50/50 mix is the same strength weather you spray it with a hand pump or 12 volts system. Both will do the same job . One will just take longer

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Maaan I spent like 4 hours power washing my first vinyl fence, after I thought, I can probably use SH the same way I do houses now.

How long should I pre wet the grass and plants?

I guess 50-50 is fine? Half SH half water?

Should I use soap as a surfactant? I hear I should use soap as well… I use SH, soap, and just water for vinyl houses, same for fence?

I have a 4GPM pressure washer and its fckin heavy as hell lol… any other ones to recommend?

I also use the xJet I believe, I forget xjet or downstreamer… but basically I put the bucket with the mix by the pressure washer and it sucks it in, I believe that’s the down streamer injector? I don’t use the way the tube connecting to the wand and having to carry a bucket around.

Also do you guys soft wash the whole vinyl fences or just from the half and below? Cause what if that mix goes to a neighbors or to the other side if I do the top of the fence like that?

Thank you.

We generally use HW mix on vinyl. Safe rule of thumb is spend about half your time pre-wetting, and a 1/4 washing down the plants after…25-35% of the time actually spraying/rinsing the fence…if it’s lousy grass, then feel free to cut that back some…

We wash full height always, but often only do the side inside the client’s yard (not sides facing a neighbor). We go through all of that in the quoting process. If you’re going to spray some SH over the fence doing the top, wouldn’t the same happen with the pre-wetting? Thus everything should be fine…

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Do you prewet all the plants and grass then whip out the mix or a section at a time?

Like prewet half then use the mix dilute, then prewet the other half, dilute, etc?

Whatever floats your boat…everyone has their own system in that regard, there’s no right/wrong way for sequencing. Full disclosure, I wash very little myself, and when I do it’s almost always commercial concrete…

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Wow, my post from four years ago!

I now use my 12v and hit the fence with about 2% after wetting the plants and grass with water first. I still have to use medium pressure to get all the dead organics off.

… and always look over the fence first! you dont want to get SH on somebody’s one of a kind 1937 coup de ville or their pet rabbit, or their quiet, inquisitive kid


I’ll bet a lake would do the trick… First fence I ever took on was 1/10th of a mile long & caked with lichen. You couldn’t’ve knocked all the crud off of it with a Mossberg.