White Vinyl fence


I’m assuming it can be soft washed like vinyl siding but just checking. Typical heavy algae coating.


Yes it can.


Normal housewash will clean it . 50/50 will clean it first coat. We clean sometimes miles of it . We just drive and spray. Comes clean every time. Even the growth will fall off.


Miles?? Good Lord. I thought 100’ was a lot. Do I need to wet the grass first?


Most communities around here have white vinyl fence around the whole thing. Because it’s white it gets nasty pretty quick . Super easy to clean


In my opinion, easiest thing out there to clean.


I don’t wet the grass first. But Your vegetation may be more sensitive


I’ve had miles of it that can be downstreamed and come right off and once where even at 3% we had to brush it to remove algae (turned brown but wouldn’t come off without agitation.

Big job go take a pump up and do a test section


Blows my mind every time I go to Florida ( 2-3 times a year ) and y’all park on your grass and it doesn’t kill it.


I had the same thing happen when i first started doing larger lengths. Turns brown and yellow. Went back the next day to treat it again and it was all gone looked great


And the couches on the front porch never seem to get wet.