White vinyl deck railings does SH dull the shine?

What are you guys hearing about SH dulling the shine on the railings and same for fencing or any White vinyl?

I’ve never seen that happen. I’ve seen pressure take the top “coat” off. I also had a customer with new railings said the installer said pressure will take the “top protective layer” off.

You would have to use some serious pressure to take the protective coating off.

The only real culprit is the environment itself.

Over time certain railing manufacturers oxidize way quicker from sun and weather exposure.

Bottom line is set expectations and educate your client prior to doing the job.

House wash is def not effecting it.

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I use 10% SH 1 gallon jugs from wallymart . what percentage should I bring it down to?

You can dump it on their straight and it won’t hurt it but it would be a waste of chems. Use your normal house wash strength it will work fine. If you’re in a hurry make it stronger it won’t hurt the railings.

Bill I’m a “simple semi pro” lol I have the 5 gallon bucket put about 4 gallons in with dawn the previous years and not got the Elemonator for this year. haven’t tried it yet and I downstream it using a 4gpm machine and the general pump hi draw injector which says its a 20% draw. I haven’t even figured out what percentage is coming out of my wand when I do houses. Since I don’t have any soft wash system I just use a backpack sprayer/smaller hand pump for doing roofs i can walk on , patio furniture, vinyl fences and other things so i can mix it how i want. It’s alot of " it’s about this" because I don’t know the rule for every surface but have learn from experience and you guys.

Don’t worry about the “percentage” your using. If the green melts off in about 7 mins your good to go for most sidings. I use 12% SH and start with a 1/3 to half bucket of SH. If the house is dirty I go half. I use a splash of Elemonator. Don’t use Dawn. Use laundry detergent before Dawn. Fill the rest with water. I prewet the siding, some don’t, but when it’s hot out I recommend it. I love my pump sprayer. I use it for foundations, very green spots on composite decks, concrete front porches, the edges of Azak boards… Tons more.

1/3 to half a bucket of SH you mean in a 5 gallon bucket and the rest water?. Why does everyone only say 1 ounce of elemonator to 1 gallon of mix ? it never seems like it’'s enough but again I never used it yet so.

One ounce of Elemonator to one gallon of house wash mix is too much. You can use less than that.

As far as 1/3 of a bucket of SH and the rest water you can use whatever size bucket you want. 1/3 of SH and the rest water will always be 1/3 sh no matter what size the bucket is. A lot of us use 35 gallon tanks for our house wash mix. 1/3 of sh and the rest water would be the same ratio of you used a 5 gallon bucket with 1/3 sh and the rest water.

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Do you understand what you just said? How can you form an opinion on that it’s not enough yet you have zero experience with the product? And if you’ve been reading the forum, which from another thread I’ve learned that you are not a reader - just a ask and wait for someone to spoon feed me kind of person - you would understand that most people state that they use less than 1oz per a gallon as they feel it is too much. I feel that your days of getting spoonfed here are numbered.


your days are numbered

Everyone’s days are numbered, today is day number 13 in the 7th month of the year 2020.

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