White staining on vinyl

These stains were here before I started the job, only on this section and a couple spots on the other side. I washed and rinsed really well but they didn’t budge. This area was exposed to little sun so there was no oxidation on the siding. Since there was no oxidation I also tried to rinse it off with high pressure and also tried scrubbing it with LAs totally awesome to no avail. Has anyone experienced these stains

That’s the same staining on bottom edge of shutter? Any irrigation system? Any knowledge of stains on neighboring houses?

Looks like hard water stains, try OneRestore.

Thanks. They do have a irrigation system it must be hard water stains. Is there anything I can buy in store that will remove it?

I would use OneRestore, I use it on glass too. See if a brick/block distributor in your area has it, ours does.

Do you use it on glass for hard water stains? If so, what’s your mix ratio?

Most of the time 50/50 but have used full strength as recommended. Great stuff, love it.

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