White Staining on vinyl siding

A few weeks ago I washed a house and white staining appeared on the siding when everything had dried. Went back today and rinsed, soaped, and rinsed again liberally and staining is still there. Siding is only two years old with that side facing the north so minimal oxidation is present. You can only see it when looking at an angle; when looking at it straight on, you can’t see it. Has anyone ever had this happen? If so, what can we do to fix it? Thanks in advance!

Looks like oxidation to me. What happens when you rub your finger across it?

Nothing happens when I tried scrubbing it and rubbing my fingers across it. I thought it was oxidation too at first or dried detergent from not rinsing enough.

What are you using as your soap in your house wash mix?

I’m guessing dish detergent




I stand corrected. I’ve only ever seen this when people post here that they use dawn.

Try magic eraser.

Thank you, I’ll try that. It’s mind boggling bc I’ve used this same mix for years now and haven’t had any thing like this.

I saw something similar once on a job, turned out to be reflection of the sun off a window. Lol. Usually when I see a stain it is visable from all angels

Could it be touch up paint from the installers?

Tire shine maybe? U can always try in an inconspicuous area

Looks like defective siding to me. See if homeowner has any left over from
install and manufacturer and batch number may be on back of the siding.
Would not be the first defective batch of siding ever manufactured! lol.

I am dealing with the same problem. Siding is two years old. I’ve wasted about 600 houses and never had a problem. What have you learned?


What’s your soap? And have you tried re-washing that side? Do the other sides look like that?

I have always used SH with about 8-10oz of house and roof additive as my surfactant. Never had a problem.

I have washed the house 3 times. Each time I used less surfactant. Wanted to make sure no residue dried on siding.

The other three sides of house are fine. No issues. I have learned this customer has filed a claim against the contractor who installed her deck. A claim against Amazon for damaging her garage door. And now she is aledging I damaged on side of her house. I also learned that last year she had family member attempt to wash her house with a small power washer. Have no idea what chemicals they used. This side was the dirtiest side of the house when I arrived.

Do you have any pics for us to see?

Also, do you have any before pics to see if there was any sign of this before you washed it?