White spots after removing rust

Hi Guys n Gals - I have a turf care company and one day the customer came out and started talking to tech. Tech had a bone-head moment and leaked chelated iron across the driveway. Told my manager to clean it up using a product we’ve used before from Singerman Labs and he didn’t of course. He used an industrial strength cleaner (doesn’t remember what) and he also power washed driveway with it. Now we have discoloration and customer wants it fixed.

Chelated Iron dripped on driveway
Customer tried to powerwash with scrubber next day before telling us - didn’t work so called us.
Manager used CLR before telling me. Didn’t work. Used something acidic and pressure washed driveway.
Current state of driveway pic below.

Looking for recommendations or if you’re in the North Tampa area and can help, that’s an option too.

Any help, advice or a local referral, would be greatly appreciated.

The lighter spots are etched concrete (top layer has been dissolved and washed away) from applying the acid, probably phosphoric or muriatic/hydrochloric.

The entire surface will need to be acid treated to provide a uniform look and that includes the adjoining walkway/sidewalk. There are plenty of Florida contractors on here who could probably give you an estimate but it won’t be cheap. Cheaper than resurfacing or replacing though.

I would also consider applying a non-film forming penetrating sealer after remediation.

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