White oxidized aluminum siding

I have a job coming up with white aluminum siding that is oxidized. I am doing a house wash while down streaming. I need advice on approaching this job. Especially since I haven’t done aluminum. Don’t want to get in over my head. Thanks

Soft wash and rinse.
Just do not let HW dry on the siding.
Rinse has soon has the green has faded.

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How long of dwell time would you recommend? Or should I pretty much just watch?

Just do not let it dry on the surface. That does not mean you can not move on. Unless the siding is in the sun (less time but spray with out SH ,cool it before spraying SH mixture ). You should have about 10 minutes or so to at least mist it and rinse.

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That’s pretty much it…we usually cut our mix down a bit for aluminum, so you’d adjust the dwell accordingly.

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Go with a lighter mix….works great for me and playing it safe. Just did a white one last month…


Thank you guys

@Justusbaker hey how’d it turn out? I have my first aluminum barn job coming up too… some people on the forum have me pretty nervous about doing it. Any pointers?

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Turned out great. I did a test spot first. Then I treated it as an other house wash. Definitely was cautious and stood further back than usually when rinsing so that there was less pressure but with my experience, it went well