White effervescence on brick

Hello everyone,

Brand new to the forum. Looking forward to picking your brains. I am looking at a small area 10x10 on a brick wall that has a white effervescence coming through the brick and mortar. What works to remove it?

God Bless you guys!
David Armstrong
Cary, NC

Post up a picture David.

We use both Prosoco and Eacochem products.

Definitely post up a picture before hand…could be any number of things other than efflorescence.

This is why I avoid at all cost most all efflorescence or brick cleaning besides basic mold and mildew. Too many unknowns, things that could go wrong, unstable results, and I’m not going to do something I don’t know if I can fix or guarantee won’t come back. You can spend a whole day trying to get it clean and not get paid. Way easier to pass…

X2… I’m actually still working on a brick sign we started over a month ago. We ran into some unknowns and I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on chems and labor so far. I narrowed down what it was but it’s been a long time coming. A learning experience yes but sometimes you just have to pass it up

Thank you for the information guys. I tested this area to see if and how long it would take to remove the efflorescence on the wall. There is a larger area that I tackle this week. I used CSP concrete and brick prep. For this I used a spray bottle and kept it wet for an hour and a half. As it began to dissolve off the brick I would scrub it with a wire brush. Owner very happy!