White 3 Rail Fence Cleaning

@Grizz and I did a little fence cleaning today. I’ve cleaned this fence before and knew that water was an issue. Customer has about 4gpm flow. So borrowed a tote which we put in the back of grizz’s truck and left it filling at the house. When we needed he’d just pull his truck down and sludge pump was a wonder. Transfered over to my tank on trailer in less than 5 min. Last time I cleaned, I’d have to move trailer and literally waited for hours on water. Whole different story today.


Real men of genius. What nozzle do you run on that sludge sucker?

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The one for my 4gpm machine since that’s the only thing I use it with.


Plan coming together, nice weather and making money got to love it. Heck even had spots already planned out to move the truck to so we had maximum efficiency.


Hi Gents, putting in a bid on one of these. If I use my house washing mix do I need to be worried about streaking or other unintended problems? I use 10:1 H2O/SH with surfactant.
Also, is there any need to pre wet? I don’t see anyone saying to do that. Thx!

No, don’t need to pre-wet. Depending on how dirty, that may not be strong enough. On the one above parts of it had to use a roof mix, and then pretty good pressure.

See, now I did a few of these last year and while the HW mix turns the algae brown, I still have to go over it thoroughly with a green tip to get all the dead junk off.

How are you guys able to clean half a mile of these in a matter of hours?

Here’s an example, although I did a few that were completely green.

If grass isn’t an issue you can ds straight sh for faster results. You still have to rinse the dead algae off. It’s not noticeable from a distance but is up close.

As said, they had a system in place and had to use a stronger mix on parts. I wouldn’t recommend using 3500psi (your green tip) on any vinyl fence, or any fence in general.

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I don’t get very close with it, come to think of it, might have been a 40 degree.

Either way nothing else I tried blasts the residue off. You can kill this stuff all you want but removing it is a whole other ballgame.

Oh and I do DS straight 12.5%, right around 1% hits at the end of 200’ hose.

You’d probably have better luck with a stronger mix.

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Crap, not back to the xjet again.


Xjet…nah…back to rearranging your trailer and making room for a 12v. :laughing:


Yeah yeah. Would love to make a portable 12v cart.

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Or you can make your trailer useful and start using the space like you should. Build up and stop hurting your damn back even more every day. Buy another reel to hang next to your garden one and build a simple 12v setup. So many other options besides that btw

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Hey speaking of which, my PT isolated my lower back problem, seems muscle strength was unbalanced and it focused force into one spot on the left. It’s getting better.


The power of 4%. Last year I thought I was cool with my force fed ds injector system getting almost 2%. Then got a 12v and the first time I saw 4% work I was like :man_facepalming:

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I think that’s stronger than my xjet puts out.:flushed:

That’s child’s play. Here’s my most recent… All along the tree line part which ran probably 700-800 L/F. Most of it I hit 2 times with a 4% mix before I rinsed, much of it with a green tip.

After 2 hits with the 4%

After pressure - as good as it could be. HO was happier than I was - could still see traces of the lichen. even scrubbing didn’t help it any. Told them next time it would be better as long as it wasn’t another 10 years.


Dang man.

Now how did you get the other side with all the bushes in the way?