White 3 Rail Fence Cleaning


@Grizz and I did a little fence cleaning today. I’ve cleaned this fence before and knew that water was an issue. Customer has about 4gpm flow. So borrowed a tote which we put in the back of grizz’s truck and left it filling at the house. When we needed he’d just pull his truck down and sludge pump was a wonder. Transfered over to my tank on trailer in less than 5 min. Last time I cleaned, I’d have to move trailer and literally waited for hours on water. Whole different story today.


Real men of genius. What nozzle do you run on that sludge sucker?

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The one for my 4gpm machine since that’s the only thing I use it with.


Plan coming together, nice weather and making money got to love it. Heck even had spots already planned out to move the truck to so we had maximum efficiency.