Does anyone know if WhisperWash online is actually Whisper Wash? I see the email address is @jnequipment and it references JN Equipment. Was about to place an order with them but wasn’t sure after I saw that. Need a surface cleaner and PressureTek is backordered. Thanks in advance

I was WW the other day. They were telling me how there trying to hire more people.

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WW is not supposed to sell complete units only parts direct

So must not actually be them. That is kind of what I was thinking.

I’ve ordered things from JN Equipment in the past and have never had any problems. They also carry WhisperWash repair parts.


Thanks @gbattle

JN Equipment is fine to order from. Actually smart marketing move with the WW Online site. They’ve had it for years.

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Yea, its a clever marketing move for sure. I have looked at it before and never noticed the JN equipment until yesterday. I assumed it was Whisper Wash.

Jn equipment have a general pump online too just the same

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JN E. has been great to me. I picked up my WW this past december on Sale! It was a great deal and they shipped it quickly