Whisper Washer Website Down

Has anyone else been having issues with the Whisper Washer website? Chrome says I can’t access it because it’s an unsecure connection but even when I changed the setting in advanced settings that usually lets you go on anyway, it didn’t. I’ve been waiting for it to be fixed on the websites end but I haven’t seen any discussion on here. If anyone knows a reputable website to order one from it would be helpful.

Which browser are you using? I just went there using Firefox. I got the warning and ignored it and it went to jnequipment.com, not whisperwashonline.com.

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The owner died June 6th. I just saw it on FB. I don’t know if that has something to do with it. Maybe they are closed temporarily.

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site works fine here - https://whisperwash.net

Pressure Washer Products has a large selection of Whisper Wash products. They can even custom order for you.


Tried .net yesterday and couldn’t get it. Clicked yours and it worked, thank you magic man.

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Was using chrome, Racers link worked .net is up now. Thanks.

Are all the different Whisper Wash websites legit?
whisperwashonline redirects to jnequipment, and then there’s whisperwash.net & whisper-wash.com

I suppose they could have just bought up all the domains that were similar.