Whisper Wash Ultra Clean vs. Classic?

In the market for my first real surface cleaner, believe it or not. Have a small garage floor to wash. (~3600 sq ft)

For very occasional use, which will fit me better? The 16” Ultra Clean, or the 19” Classic?

Y’all know what I’m running: iGX700 with a Udor 8@3500 gear drive.

I like my Classic. I’m not sure how much 3 more inches will help you tho. You can get the Classic with an aluminum cover which is nice. I have an extra aluminum cover if you want it. I accidentally ordered orange the first time when I wanted blue.

I have the classic extreme, love it! Very heavy duty…

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19in ultra clean

Gotta link for that, @Innocentbystander William?

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Is there a reason you prefer the ultra clean over the classic? Besides price?

Orange and Blue!

A man after my own heart ;>)

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That’s what she said!


We have a couple ultras, couple aqua pros, couple mini mondos. The aqua pros and minis get used the most. But we clean concrete at almost every job. YMMV

You get your dang paper weight I sent you? I completely forgot to send you the tracking number :sweat_smile:


Been waiting at the mailbox, 3 days now :confused:

Well hell let me see if I can find that damn tracking number. Give me a few hours I’m sure it’s around here somewhere.

No worries brother, it will get here when it does :+1:

My thumb is gettin mighty sore from using it to fan spray from the ball valve…lol

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Couple things.

The Classic has narrower handlebars, I’m not terribly overweight but couldn’t fit between them. The Ultra lets you walk between them.

William suggested using a 2315 gun in place of the straight pull and it makes a big difference in comfort. i don’t think you can add one to the Classic.

The 19" lets you add a 4 nozzle bar, highly recommended.

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Dude, I was mistaken, my wife brought it in before I got home…thank you so much!!

You just had me on a wild goose chase FOR NOTHING! Thanks a lot!

Just kidding lol I’m glad you got it. I mailed it out on my way out of town and forgot all about it. I’m sure you’ll get way more use out of it than I did.

If you get the classic you have to do a lot of fab work to remove the built in gun so your trigger gun can plug into it.

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I really appreciate it, use those on every single job, except concrete. Thank you!!

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i suppose the 6gpm max spec on the semipro 19in eaglewash isnt correct?