Whisper Wash Ultra Clean 16" ? Personal Impressions Good or bad?

I purchased the whisper wash ultra clean 16". Any personal thoughts about it? I have a 4GPM machine.
I was concerned about the sealed bearings. Anyone had any issues with this unit?

When the bearings go bad, drop in another one. I have two that are at least 15 years old

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Wait…bearings go bad?

I gotta get home fast.

No issues with mine, just use the 25025’s and keep a safety pin or needle with you to clear the nozzles.

That’s all anyone should have to hear about its rely ability

Year on myne, love it.

Just bought a few myself, light and fast. Big job tomorrow so looking forward to using them

I want to order the 2025’s. Where can i order them to ship here ASAP. I epically failed at not ordering the damw time i ordered my whisper wash. I want to order the mjet 5 system just for spraying chemical on driveways. Pretreat.

I love mine. I don’t think I’ve ever read a negative opinion on the Ultra Wash. Many here use them with 4, 5.5 and 8gpm and love them.

Do you run 2502’s on it. I have a 4200psi 4gpm and i think he may be hard on der concrete

Do you have the 2 or 4 nozzle bar?

My 4gpm/4k version came with 2502’s but worked better with 25025’s.

Now my new 5.5/3500 worked well with 1503’s, although I went ahead and bought some 2503’s to try out.

25025s work better on a 4/4 and are a bit safer to use lowering the psi.But I ran 2502s in my 4/4 for years and it worked fine…never even had a clogged nozzle.