Whisper Wash FUBAR

Has anyone seen this before?! The aqua pro skirt broke where the swivel connects to it.

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Only you, Coop…wow.

I’ve been contemplating which SC I’m going to buy this off-season and I keep going back to the Whisper Wash but that plastic skirt always seemed like a bad idea to me. Sorry about your bad luck Coop!

Thanks Gray, though it should be covered under warranty, got this one in April :confused:

It was crazy, going along on a flat driveway and suddenly exploded. The swivel and bar are still in perfect shape. So weird.

That is weird…haven’t hit any curbs or anything with it?

Throw that 90 degree fitting off a cliff garry, it has no place on a surface cleaner. On a plastic surface cleaner all it’s doing is fatiguing the centre every time you pull the trigger. If lifting is an issue put a small weight on it, you don’t have to get ridiculous and sand bag it, it doesn’t need a lot of weight to keep it down.

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stop that nonsense. Elbow is the way to go :slight_smile: @garry.cooper contact whisper wash and they should replace it free. If not, ask them if a 19 inch eagle wash shell will fit it. If so, I’ll mail you one.

The Classic comes in an optional aluminum skirt.

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We have a number of sc for years all with 90s and never had an issue. It’s odd.

Thanks William, I appreciate that.

Plan to call ww in the morning, happened late in the day. Thank God for having a spare.

Oh really? I have never seen that option on the handful of sites I’ve looked at. I’ll dig into it!

I’m not even seeing that option on their website. I’ll give them a call when I get closer to buying. I’m not sold on the design of their handle and gun but it may be fine. I also really like the casters on mine. At first I hated them but with everything on a hill here they make life easier.

Even come in different colors. I think @Kentucky1234 has the aluminum.


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Yes, that’s correct, love it! :grinning:


Well I’ll be dipped. I like that blue lol

$28 more and you can get the 24” :grimacing:

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I don’t have $28…

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Lol. Just agree, you can still be grumpy and agree :wink: