Whisper Wash Extreme

Im in the market for new surface cleaner. Any comments/opinions on the WW Extreme Duty?

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Don’t buy any surfacer with a built i. Handle. 19 inch eagle wash is a much better unit and half the price

I watched a video you made showing how you run that. Very cool for efficiency! Do the drop in ready replacement bearings discussed on WW site work for the Eagle? Who is your vendor, I found the extreme for $845. Thanks for your response. Much appreciated!

Correction: found extreme for $649 yesterday.

Also, what about the Eagle is better other than price? Longevity, weight? Thanks

Green cartridge swivels drop into place in about 3 minutes. I have some over 15 years old. No built in trigger gun is biggest asset

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@Innocentbystander who do you buy your Eagle Wash SCs from? Every time I search for them I only find Steel Eagle instead. They ARE different companies, right?

Also, when you say the green cartridge swivels drop into place, does that mean the Whisper Wash swivels work with the Eagle Wash SCs?

Sorry for the dumb questions…I’ve only used WW SCs up to now, and I haven’t considered any other manufacturers and I still wouldn’t if you hadn’t suggested them.

Nashville just posted a link but deleted it. Eagle 00, Eagle wash and Whisper wash ultra clean are all the same thing. Whisper wash green cartridge fits eagle wash. I bought about six from Xterior sales before Mike sold to a new owner. Last one I bought from Whisper wash but that was 5 years ago. Eagle wash is a far superior surfacer but they market the whisper wash because it cost more and doesn’t last as long. that equals more sells. Hard to stay in business selling something that last longer than most people stay I’m business lol.


Sorry, on way to church and didnt have time to reply as id like.

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@Innocentbystander & @Nashvillewash

Thanks guys…Not quite sure how I missed those details, but I really appreciate your help!

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I just really like orange I guess.

And the price was right!