Whisper Wash Classic vs. GP Hammerhead

So I’m deciding on either these two surface cleaners. I mainly do residential and sometimes small commercial work.
Is there much difference in the result of these surface cleaner. The hammerhead is few hundred dollars cheaper and has better reviews on pressure wash direct.
I know most of you would suggest the whisper classic but anybody use or have the hammerhead?

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We have both. The whisper wash machines get used everyday, the hammerhead sits. The hammerhead is a good back up or also good if you’re not quite ready to drop the money on a whisper wash.

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The classic is worth the difference even if you have to get a part time job to pay for it. The only reason that they sell the hammerhead is so that you’ll appreciate the classic more when you finally break down and buy the one you should have bought in the first place.

The hammerhead used to be a good deal. It wasn’t the caddilac, but it wasn’t junk. At some point they changed the swivels and they just don’t last as long as they used too.

Get the Classic. It’s the caddilac and well worth it.

I did that. I regret it. Whisper Wash Classic is a surface cleaner. Hammerhead is something that people complain about on pressure washer forums.

When I saw Michael K’s video of the classic with the 4 nozzle bar…I had to try one out…all I can say is…WOW!!! We have had the Big Guy surface cleaners forever and are great for large projects. The classic is awesome for residential and super fast with 8 gpm machines.

Im right there with you Guy. The speed was amazing. I thought my Big Guy was fast…until I saw his video.

My order is going in this week.

Who are you buying it from? Pressuretek?

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Yep, Bob will hook you up.

Thank you Guy!

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Whisper wash all the way to the bank>>>>>> $$$$

Yes definitely! I have learned that very well this year!

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I played the cheap surface cleaner game when I first started. Bought a BE WhirlAway and it did ok. Upgraded to a WW Ultra and it is night and day.

The 4 bar upgrade to the classic is better suited for a 8+ GPM machine?

I run a 4 nozzle bar on my 8gpm machine and it keeps me moving with the ball valve choked. I put weights on to do commercial jobs.

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Ww ftw!

I just bought a Classic from Bob. I only have a 5.5gpm right now. I hope that can do the trick. Bobs says I’ll be golden but I doubt I’ll be moving like Michael K in that 4 bar YouTube video (My machine doesn’t have the coconuts to go 4 nozzle).

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I also feed my Classic with a 5.5…It rocks! My wife always laughs at me because I smile the whole time I’m using it! (No joke)

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