Whisper wash classic is on the way - which nozzles?

hi… I have a classic coming… I have 4.5/3500 machine. What nozzles will work best with this combo? I believe it’s coming with 2502 25 degree nozzles. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

I could be wrong, but I think you will be fine with the nozzles that come with it. It comes setup with a 4@4 so I think your good.

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Tom, #2 orifices put a 4gpm machine at 4000 psi if running 2 nozzle bar. 2502.5 nozzles would put you
at approximately 3200 psi. 2503.0 would put you at approximately 2250 psi if your machine puts out 4.5
gpm . This is a surface cleaner with 2 nozzle bar the above pressures. Hope this helps, all the best. :rolleyes:

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Thank you

Absolutely right Bill. Personally I would use the 03’s if it is residential concrete. Fresh SH and surfactant, with the proper dwell time, 2200 psi can clean the dirtiest of concrete. Commercial is another story.

Okay… It came today and just finished playing with it. Never used one before so didn’t really know what to expect. IMO… It doesn’t seem to float really well. I’m getting 3000 psi at the trigger. Constantly lifting one side or the other to let water out from underneath or the spinning action slows down. Is this the norm?

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Did you remove the injector? Did you put at least 2.5 tips. If you didn’t do either of those things, you are bypassing at least a half a gallon. None of my surface cleaners float with th injector installed.

And yes, it bogs down in puddles

I have an injector bypass set up… Used the 2502s that it came with as I don’t have any 2.5s

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I never used my classic with my 4.6 machine but I used a hammerhead and it floated fine. If you are using the 2502’s, then you are bypassing a half gallon. That could be the problem. Is it not floating at all?, or just barely? that extra 1/2 gallon could do the trick.

Okay… Thanks. It does float somewhat but not like I’m thinking it should … Bristles seem brush the ground too much and too much water is being trapped underneath.

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So yall cap off your DS injectors when ysing SC

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Not cap. Bypass.