Whisper Wash Aqua Pro?

Got alot of flatwork coming up wondering thoughts on this SC if you’ve got one will be running it with 8 gpm machine and will be welding on a bracket under my box to slide it in if u have the dimensions when it’s folded up that would be awesome Thanks

I like a floater better than a surface cleaner with casters. I’m going with the 19” classic and the aqua force with 3500@8. I want it tipped down to where only putting out about 2500 psi max. Also will be using the 21” Sirocco vacuum surface cleaner once I get into reclaim. Everyone has one they like over another but you can’t go wrong with these surface cleaners. IMO

The classics great but if you can I’d go with a surface cleaner with a metal cover on it. Plastics only rated to 212 f and most burners will take you to 250. Eagle wash is stainless I think. They are also making the classic extreme now that has a metal cover.

Classic Extreme has aluminum cover

Thanks for the insight guys aluminum housing sounds great is yours two or four nozzles and if I could get the flip and fold handle as a upgrade looks like it would be a space saver and easy to store was thinking of upgrading from a 20 to 24 to be a little more efficient but don’t know if it would make it that munch faster

19 inches is about the max size for 8 gpm. Plastic is more durable than the aluminum and holds up to heat with no problems

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I run a 28" big guy and it works great. You cant run with it but it definitely works.

I’m thinking the rule of thumb is 4” max. per 1 GPM. But I think 3” per 1gpm is a lot more productive. I know a few guys running the 28” big guy with 4.8gpm landas. Having to go that slow would drive me crazy. I can’t convince them that they can clean more faster with a 19” classic. Bigger isn’t always better

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I run the big guy with a gx690, 8 gpm pump. 19" for my 5.5 gpm.

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4 nozzle.

Was reading the green swivel like the one on yours is the one you want a lot easier to change than the older ones and has the covers on the bar going to order one this week and get the flip and fold handle upgrade thanks would have ordered the 24 in and regretted it

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I have the 20" classic and the 24" aqua pro. Love both of them. You’ll love the aqua pro, and you can go just about as fast. The extra 4" makes a big difference on large jobs. And there are thousands of guys using the 28" big guy and it does fine with 8gpm.

And I don’t know why you would ever use over 212 deg on heat. Most I’ve ever used is around 180 and that was a really nasty dumpster pad.

I shot a video using a 48" Mondo with my 8.5 this weekend at a Chic-fil-a in Charlotte and it worked fine. I’ll try to get posted in next few days. You can flat cover a lot of ground with it.


Thing is a beast

48 in Mondo Sweet like ur videos check some out the other evening very professional ya was wanting the 24 because flatwork is the part I dread the most pays the bills though just boring ordered a drum of ur favorite this morning jobs about all brick little stucco

Went with the 24 in Aqua Pro will check back

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Do you think a 7.8 would work with the mondo too or am I a little too short on that one?

I’d go with something smaller to start with. I only use for big flatwork jobs.

I’m not planning on buying one anytime soon. My 28” ant4c is pretty big but someday If I do a parking garage or something I may look into it. I’m thinking though that if I ever do something like that I would get a dual 8gpm and siamese it and use 16gpm. Not there yet

@Harold is spot on the 24 in is perfect all I run now. Have tried 36 in had to go to slow and to bulky. With the ground force and the flip and fold handle it’s light and easy to store. If it’s a reoccurring account you can fly through it . Before I would tie two machines together I would use two 24 in cleaners would probably be faster too.


Have always run a floater till I purchased a ground force to try out. I liked the aqua pro but wound up liking the ground force better. With the casters it’s easy to roll around when not on the trigger and back to the truck don’t have to carry it guess I’m lazy.