Whisper Wash 16 nozzle torque specifications

Just got my Whisper wash ultra classic in the mail and it came with two 2502s on it. I preemptively ordered my 25025s along with it because im using a 4200psi @ 4gpm washer.

I had taken off the old nozzles and eyeballed where they were at in general as well as how much OOMPH i needed to put into it to remove them and using a 9/16 wrench i put it to about what i figure it was but you know how that goes which made me start researching if there was a torque spec. Of course it was 5:22PM Florida time so my phone call to whisper wash landed on deaf ears :smiley: Not seeing anything on here so figured id be the new guy and ask.

Put 3 wraps of teflon while leaving first thread bare to make it easier to put on. I have the nozzle slits perpendicular to the bar like the old ones and have them decently torqued down but didnt want to hammer the heck out of those threads.

Anyone got a spec they should be at? Anything i should look for or expect if one of these nozzles is a little lower or higher than the other? Im assuming its probably fine but you know what they say about assuming…

The nozzles that came with it are what you need in it, but don’t change them. You can only replace nozzles about two or three times before the threads get wallored out. They just have to be finger right then snugged until the tips are facing the right way. Better to loose than too tight. If there too loose you see them leaking. Remember, just because a sticker on your machine days 4/4200 doesn’t mean it is

Well shoots. Here I was thinking i was the man having bought 25025s as well as 25030s just in case. Definitely had them torqued down further than fingertight plus a turn on wrench to make them face the right way so just loosened a little.

Thats what reading too much gets me eh? could have sworn the 25025s were the right nozzles for what i had…at least on paper like you said :rofl:

People over think things. What size engine and pump are on your machine?

My 4gpm has a 390 Honda and with 25025 tips and 100 ft. of hose I’m at 2300psi at the gun. I’d say if I left the 2502s in there that’s too much pressure for residential concrete. I’ve checked my gauge with a couple different size tips and it is pretty accurate, definitely consistent per nozzle charts.

Honda gx390 and Comet ZWD-K 4042 Pump

You’re ok with the original tips. You machine isn’t 4/4200. That takes over 15 hp.

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The threads strip out before the bar gets beat to crap by rocks? lol

Long as they’re slightly snug you’re good to go… Just make sure they’re aligned and start with your fingers so you don’t strip the threads.

Man I’ve cranked the snot out of mine when I put new tips in. Hopefully I did t ruin the threads lol

I’ve been using the 2502 factory tips with 4gpm. No regrets there but if I were to change them out, I’d use threadlocker blue gel instead of teflon & just snug them up to the right angle. No need to tighten them any more than a spark plug.

Depending on how much hose you’re running, I’d go with the 25025’s. I had the same setup as you originally. 2502s with a short run of hose was too much pressure.

Mine is always going through the the DS injector which I can say from experience reduces the flow / PSI a bit but it’s always worked out fine. If I needed less, I could always close the ball valve a little but that has never been necessary. I don’t see any need to change them out at this point but then again, no two contractors clean a driveway or anything else the same way. We’re all unique in our approach.

Did you mean parallel? They go in line with the bar right?

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Yes the slits are parallel to the bar.

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Yes, that’s what I meant. :joy: Whoops