Whiskey fungus cleaning in Frankfort KY

Our SEO campaign for targeting this particular fungus and area has paid off well.
Following pictures are from a job we landed after the management found our YouTube video about cleaning Whiskey Fungus.
Jim Beam distillery in Frankfort KY hired us to clean some of the areas at the plant getting ready for a corporate walk through.

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Good stuff Michael.

Those are some awesome before and after pics.


Wow! Thats awesome Michael, nice work!

Great work. Did you get paid with cash or whiskey? Haha.

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Awesome Transformations. Quick question? What are the yellow things with wheels in the after pictures? Thanks

Great before and after pics Michael!

even fungus likes to let loose and have some drinks from time to time

Very nice work!

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They are jack stands for ensuring the dolly legs of the trailers don’t collapse. A safety net for the forklift operators unloading the trucks

Thats a cool client to have.

If you get the opportunity to clean another tank, stack, or building on the Bourbon trail please give us a call. A PURETi application (titanium dioxide coating) would stop any organic material from growing or attaching to the surface. Once you’ve cleaned all we’d need to do is coat the surface and it would be good for 3-5 years. A side benefit is the surface would also be cleaning the air of pollution so Jim Beam could claim some environmental stewardship. We are looking for distributor/applicator partners across North America and India.