Whirl-a-way surface cleaner vibrates a lot

I started residential house washing this year and finally was able to upgrade my surface cleaner. I bought a 20" Whirl-a-way that is being run by my 4 gpm 4000 psi pressure washer. I used it for the first time yesterday and it worked fine for a few minutes. I did have to move a lot slower then I did with my 16 inch off brand one which I thought was odd. But mainly, after a few minutes it started to vibrate quite a bit. I stopped and flipped it over and everything seemed to be working fine. Its almost like the spray bar was out of balance, at least that was my first thought. Anyone have any ideas? I don’t really want to try to pack it back up to return it considering I already got rid of the box.

dirty/ clogged nozzle, air in line?

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I doubt there was air in the line but how would I check that. The wand ran just fine when I rinsed the concrete patio off when I was done. I didn’t think of a clogged tip so I didn’t engage the surface cleaner when I had it tipped on its side.

Clogged nozzle. Check to find out which one, clean it out or replace.

Ditto. My Ultra Clean was vibrating some on a job last week, so I flipped it over, stuck my boot on the nozzle arm to stop rotation and hit the trigger. One nozzle was only putting out half what the other was.

Oh and as the veterans on here suggested, hit the trigger with the nozzles off first to clear any more junk in the bar. They also pointed out a safety pin is perfect for nozzle clearing.


When these surface cleaners are new sometimes they will have metal shavings in the nosel arms,take the tips off and run water through it and make sure the tips aren’t clogged

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Awesome! Thanks everyone. I’ll give that a try. I was super excited to use this new surface cleaner and then it started vibrating. I really hoped I didn’t get a defective one. Thanks again!