Whirl-A-Way 16” with 4GPM nozzles


I wanted to see what nozzles you guys recommend with this surface cleaner as I know you do not want to go over 2000PSI?

Thank you.

nozzles are determined by your gpm and the desired pressure you want depending on the number of nozzles on the unit. I don’t know about whirl a way, own another brand…

Read threads by @marinegrunt he has posted numerous times about how to select a nozzle for your equipment. Very thorough instructions.

Thank you very much it is a two nozzle.

You might find 2000 a bit weak. Mine’s around 2700 and it’s perfect for me: no striping, no etching, just nice clean concrete

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Thank you I ended up going with one that puts me right around 2600 I think I should be safe.

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Man, what is your secret?



I always pre- and post-treat, and always walk perpendicular to line of sight. I may just be lucky!

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Hot water, Hot water…get it Brock you won’t regret it.

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Are you overlapping your cleaning paths?

Or maybe you just know what you’re doing.


Yup, I don’t know what I’m doing.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Racer :joy::joy::joy:


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