Whip lines for airless paint/stain sprayer

THink that the gracos are a max of 3500 psi, anyone make their own whip lines for these? A 6’ whip line cost $40 at the big blue paint store, that is just silly when a 50’ hose is about $60. I bought a 4’ one for $20 at Lowes, but I wanted a little more length (8’ would be optimal). These tend to be about 1/4" hose. I considered getting some flexzilla pressure hose then thought that it might not be good for paint flow. Don’t get me wrong, the whip line is probably going to save the hose some wear and tear.

Any ideas? I would rather buy 50’ of hose, chop up what I need, then get fittings put on. paying $40 for 6’ of line, that is just wrong. I don’t really want to daisy chain 2 4’ together, that just looks janky.

You’ll be fine cutting your own. You could daisy chain together but either put some heat shrink over the fittings or get some of that wire loom.


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Hoping for something a little more flexible, the paint hose is kinda stiff. Any recommendations on a airless sprayer hose?

I would just use air hose. If you’ll be using any oil based make sure the hose material can handle it. I would just pickup some air hose and cut it up. Flexilla would probably work and we know it’s flexible. I believe it’s made out of pvc so should hold up okay. There are other types of air hose too.

Are you sure you need a whip?
I use graco blumax and have no issues with hose wear from abrasion that would require a interchangeable whip.
In my experience most hose damage occurs when hose kinks due to twisting and over eager operators drag it around sharp corners or over edges of sheet metal roofing.
I run a graco 1095 with 90 metres of hose.

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Thanks for the reply.

Am I sure I need a whip line? Yes, it is much more flexible than the hose for bending into awkward areas to spray with. THe durability of the painting hose isn’t really my concern, it is the pulling, twisting, and dragging that ruins them, as you mentioned. If I was painting interiors I wouldn’t worry about wear, just flexibility. Maybe I worry too much.

I work solo, so I need to manage my wet line myself. I like cutting and rolling small decks, or cutting and brushing, it seems almost relaxing to me (if the weather is nice). I have a little sprayer for small stuff, holds about a quart and is great for painting lattice. I don’t paint/stain fences, there is no demand for that in my area. I am retired with an income, this is my side hustle so to speak.

Ok I get you the line is a bit stiff for ease of manoeuvrability in tight spaces , my go to machine for those kind of jobs is the graco ultramax handheld cordless.
I have worn out 2 so far but they paid for themselves many times over.

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180 degree swivel on end of spray gun makes life a lot easier, tight spaces or not. Extensions help a lot as well.


How long do the batteries last, I kinda like that unit.

Good point. I have two new extensions now, I actually bought one of the stain guy pole things. The little one not the monster one. My other one I bought I kept thinking ceilings, not decks. I keep getting asked to do interior work, but I really didn’t want to paint houses again. I also didn’t need that expensive PW to paint interiors.

Just fill the buffer tank up with paint and go to town. 8 gpm of paint ought to net you about $2800 an hour. You might even be able to down stream so pearl pigment to give the paint job a luster.

Back when I was staining fences with 4 crews I built baby pressure washer rigs with GX160’s and 2.1 gpm GP belt driven pumps. Boy you could move with those machines!

I get around 4 refills before the battery supplied noticeably fades and its a tiny 1.5 ah. It takes dewalt batteries and I have a few so battery factor is never an issue.