Which Tips/Nozzle for Post-treating concrete

I’m running a 4gpm/4000psi machine and using my hi-draw 4gpm downstream injector for the first time. I tried to use it to post-treat a driveway I’d just cleaned, using my j-rod (the one recommended for a 4gpm setup.) That was blasting my House-wash mix all over the place and sending spray off the surface onto bordering grass.

I pulled off the j-rod and gun, and just semi-closed the ball valve at the end of my hose to make get a more manageable flow, but remember reading that this isn’t an ideal solution, though a few pros seem to not care. I tried pretty hard searching on which tips or nozzles to use for nice easy post-treat that isn’t blasting all over, and couldn’t re-find the post I know is out there.

Is anyone willing to advise so I don’t have to order a ton of tips to figure out which one is ideal for pre or post treat of concrete or hard surfaces?

I pre and post with my 12v because I like to use stronger than 1%. I’m usually closer to 3%, you can’t get that strong through your DSI

By all means feel free to hear out the suggestions by more experienced individuals here, but I just use the 2530 meg nozzle for my 3.5gpm unit when I’m laying housewash mix as a post treat. I walk along along the edge of driveway/curb/walkway in the grass and spray towards the concrete for my edges.

For more stubborn areas, I’ll use a small 1-gal pump up sprayer to tackle small spots or use my 12v for larger areas.

As jake said above, if you need a stronger mix, using a downstream injector and pressure washer won’t cut it. You’ll have to determine that on each job.

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Have you set the unloader properly?

I haven’t touched the unloader. I didn’t realize it could make that much of a big difference. Looks like I’m off to get a pressure gauge.

I enjoy using the M5DS for post treating. Smooth and satisfying.