Which Quick Connects?

Sorry if this has been discussed, I tried using search a few different times but with such a common term I haven’t found discussion on this.

Which stainless steel quick connects give you the least hassle/best value? I see expensive foster QCs and MTM QCs, but I also see import QCs for around $6-$8 depending on the vendor although I’ve heard that they can be finnicky. I’d be surprised if everyone was using $20 QC fittings, but if theyre that much better I’d invest in them, I just can’t see IBS dropping a grand on QCs when he stocks up on all types for the season :rofl:. So tell me the knowledge you all have gathered over the years of washing when it comes to QCs, which ones you use from where, and any tips or tricks you use when they start to become hard to use. Am I totally overthinking this? Either way ill be getting some viton o-rings in both sizes, but I would love to hear any insight on the fittings themselves and which ‘brand’ you guys use. Thanks as always!

Love Foster QC……

Same, Foster is good. The cheaper SS ones have softer steel and tend to take a set, making them harder to disconnect. I still give them a little shot of silicone spray regardless.

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Where are you guys getting your foster ones at, are like ~$20 for the couplers a fair price? I may have to put in an order with russ.

While I have you bright minds here, and instead of creating a new topic, are you folks leaving your supply hoses hooked onto/running through the reel to fill your buffers? Does this decrease flow at all or does it not really matter? I’m running flex zilla, so does the line having flattened out on the reel cause an issue as well when leaving say, half of the line still on the reel? I have 150’ of 3/4" I believe this would fit on an 18" hose reel, but what if I wanted to upgrade to 225’, is there any 18" hose reels that would support this or would I have to get a 22" or huge reel? Maybe I should’ve just went with 5/8ths, but I wanted to reduce time waiting around for the buffer tank to fill when there are no other tasks to get done.

I have two 18 inch Hannay reels on the stacker kit (1526-17-18). It says in the specs they hold up to 200’ of 5/8 but I have 200’ of 3/4 inch Flexzilla on there in 50’ sections with zero issues. I roll off what I need & connect it to a whip on the buffer tank without going through the reel. I can also roll off extra sections if need be for dual feed when the water supply is subpar. Fosters fittings on the guns & lances, generic everywhere else for me. Love the Fosters!

Wonderful information thank you Wizard. This may be a stupid question, but I assume you have quick connects on the flexzilla hose, how do you do that? Just use adapters to go down the a 1/2" quick connect? Or are you screwing and unscrewing the supply hoses all the time? Thanks

No quick connects on the supply hoses, just thread them on. I’m a huge fan of simplicity.


I’ll never go back to threading on supply hoses the conventional way. Always jacking with having to line it up just so. When it’s behind a bush oh goodness hard pass on that.

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I like Pressuretek’s cheaper stainless quick connects. It might be me but it seems like I can’t mix brands. So a female quick connect from store A and male from Store B never fit together. Might just be me.
I hate Envirospec quick connects. They are a nightmare to work with.

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Does it come in stainless?


Ditto. I’m partial to camlocks, though. I hacked the garden hose ends of all of my flexzilla hoses and use 3/4” barb x camlock fittings on everything.

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@Clean_Blue Is it possible you’re speaking of High Pressure QD’s? I didn’t find a similar product in their site.

For you NO…not for me either lol

You’re the king of tracking down obscure items. (And I like to derail threads). What seals would I need to rebuild a 1” super swivel for my supply hose reel? It’s getting to be a fairly steady drip, and I hate to replace the whole thing if I can help it.

At least I think it’s a super swivel. Came with my 1” plumbed Titan reel




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You’re the man. It occurred to me 2 minutes after posting that I should try googling “rebuild kit” along with the 1” super swivel. Hence the sudden deletion of my comment. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It is a Super Swivel…zinc plated carbon steel

Shame. Only SS touches this rig

Pretty restrictive, no? Those barbed 3/4" camlocks neck down to roughly 1/2"

I have brass fittings more than 35 years old